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As if frozen in time, your canoe and gear lay in wait for the weather to clear. Tied on by a skilled pilot, the clouds will soon part, and you’ll settle in for the flight ahead. Power on, the rumble of the Beaver’s large engine consumes your body with a rush that only those who’ve experienced it can explain. Old technology…..but it’s fitting isn’t it? For you’re about to embark on a centuries old tradition. To paddle a craft as simple as a canoe through a landscape so raw, every paddle stroke offers a feeling that you’re the first to explore this stunning land.

When the long days are over, the paddles under the canoe. The soft light of the evening sun painting the sky in pastels. When the smoke from your fires rises straight up, providing you with the scent of the still nights air. When the chilling call of the loon is the only sound to break the silence. You are free. You are gone.

Feel it. Live it. Explore it.
The Boreal forest of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park is calling.


Goh Iromoto’s, The Canoe

This 5-part documentary highlights ConnectorChallengeLandscapesNewcomers, and Indigenous Culture. The Canoe tells the story of Canada’s connection to water and how paddling in Ontario has enriched the lives of five different people.

Challenge: Our back-country wilderness canoe trips take you into the heart of Canada’s Prairie Boreal Forest. Search for wildlife, explore our ancient landscape, witness epic sunrises and sunsets and discover a travel style that challenges you yet truly gets you close to nature.  If you seek solitude in a surreal environment, immerse yourself in an ancient forest with our fully outfitted Boreal Solitude self-guided trip.

Landscapes. Changing light plays with patterns and hues, line and texture, offering the landscape photographer a compositional palette limited only by the imagination and creativity of the artist. From the forest’s delicate detail, to the sweeping grandeur that is dawn over a northern lake, this is a land of variety and contrast. If you are a photographer, then our Boreal Photography or Enchanted Wilderness self-guided trips are designed just for you.

Connector:  In need of a truly unique vacation to deepen the connection with your loved ones? Get ready for your Woodland Caribou adventure!  The Boreal Primer: Interpretive Learning in the Land of the Caribou all-inclusive exploration to one of the most remote paddling destinations in Ontario includes 14 days of paddling and portaging through the beautiful landscape, home to Woodland Caribou, Wolves, Moose, Beavers, Martens, Bald Eagles, and more. Leave the details to us while you spend quality time with your family and friends.

Indigenous Culture The Canadian Heritage Experience self-guided trip package captures the true essence of the Canadian canoe culture. Along the journey, you’ll visit 8 distinct First Nations pictograph sites, as well as witness the iconic Canadian Moose in the most natural of settings. Known for its stellar campsites and wide, sweeping vistas, the Bloodvein embodies the very definition of a wilderness canoe trip, offering a reverent glimpse into the lives of indigenous peoples who paddled here hundreds of years before you.

Newcomers: What better way to discover Canada than a canoe trip in the vast boreal forest of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park? If you are new to wilderness canoeing, leave it to Red Lake Outfitters to plan your fully guided trip to this iconic location.

“If it is love that binds people to places in this nation of rivers and in this river of nations then one enduring expression of that simple truth, is surely the canoe.”James Raffan, adventurer, acclaimed author and Director Emeritus of the Canadian Canoe Museum.

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