Cooking Systems

Food tastes better when it’s cooked over a fire.

Cooking and food are important elements in maintaining energy levels and keeping morale high on backcountry trips.

Ensuring you have the right tools for your preferred cooking methods is our responsibility, and we take it seriously. That’s why we’ve put a lot of thought into our pot and grill sets.

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Our Cookware

In the Boreal forest, aluminum pots with little pot grippers and plastic lids limits the option for cooking over fire.

We believe open-fire cooking is part of the outdoor experience, so all of our pot sets are nesting stainless steel, with fold-out handles to make it easy to use over the fire. No fumbling with little pot grippers while your hand is over the fire.

All of our grills are manufactured in the United States by Purcell Trench Grills—the absolute best grill in the world. Made from precision welded stainless tubular steel, these grills are incredibly lightweight and cool off within minutes, allowing you to pack them away shortly after taking them off the fire.

If you prefer a gas stove, we offer new MSR Whisperlite, Simmerlite or Dragonfly models that ensure worry-free use and efficiency every time. Our stainless steel pot sets are great with these stoves too.

By offering stainless steel pots and grills, we allow you to choose your preferred method of cooking, giving you full control of your meal experiences.

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