Packs & Food Barrels

Packs need to be strong enough to handle outdoor life.

Portaging is a fact of life on a backcountry canoe trip and you can’t afford to have your equipment break down or tear. That’s why we put a lot of thought into choosing the right pack for the job.

Having adequate space and pockets for everything you need is a must. Plus, pack durability is crucial when facing nature.

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Red Lake Outfitters is pleased to offer packs from Cooke Custom Sewing

These packs feature an enormous capacity, comfortable hip belts, loads of compression straps, axe pockets, and a tump line. They’re also tough as nails!

To ensure your gear and personal effects stay dry, all of our pack rentals include a 110 L pack liner. The days of arriving at camp with wet gear are over.

Barrels & Harnesses

Everyone has their own way of storing food in the wild. We recommend using food barrels, available in 30L and 60L sizes.

Food barrels offer an efficient way to protect your food from the elements, as these barrels are waterproof and crush-proof.

Our barrels are air-tight and will float in the case of an upset canoe, and they offer great protection against insects and critters.

Barrel lids are checked routinely to ensure they perform well. A properly sealed barrel also prevents food scent from escaping the barrel, reducing the chances of a curious bear visiting the camp to investigate.

Our barrel harnesses, manufactured by Cooke Custom Sewing, offer generous waist padding, a sternum buckle, and a tump line.

Cooke Custom Sewing are the only harnesses on the market that don’t have annoying fast-ex buckles across the top of the barrel. This provides paddlers with fast access to food.

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