Canoe Trips

Discover Ontario’s Top Canoeing Destination – Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

Our back country wilderness canoe trips take you into the heart of Canada’s Prairie Boreal Forest. Search for wildlife, explore our ancient landscape, witness epic sunrises and sunsets and discover a travel style that truly gets you close to nature.

You get the full wilderness canoe experience: Portaging through pure stands of pine forests, walking ancient trails, paddling scenic lakes and rivers, and taking the time to travel as the voyageurs did centuries ago.

Create lifelong memories as you explore a true Canadian Wilderness Park. If you’re in search of absolute solitude, wildlife viewing and world class fishing, our canoe trips through the vast expanse of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park are for you.

Explore your way, at your pace – Canoe Ontario’s Woodland Caribou Provincial Park!

You can fish, paddle, sit by the fire, call out for wolves….it’s really all up to you! Head out on your own, or let us point the way. Up here it’s all about options.

It’s your adventure, so set the pace and enjoy it the way you choose. Select rushing stretches of rivers, or take it easy on our peaceful, fish-filled lakes. You’re in control the entire way through.

Bring your own canoe and equipment, or allow us to outfit you with our top of the line rentals.

We’re here to plan your dream wilderness adventure. Incredible service, a passion for wild spaces and top of the line equipment drive us every day in planning incredible adventures for our guests..

Enjoy Ontario’s top wilderness paddling destination, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, and allow us to help you every step of the way.