Walleye – Northern Pike – Lake Trout

World Class Fishing For Walleye, Pike and Lake Trout!

Ask most visitors that take the plunge to Woodland Caribou what their top reason for coming is and the majority will tell you it’s all about the fishing!

We offer a World Class fishery comprised of lakes and river that are teeming with tasty Walleye, Lake Trout, and feisty Northern Pike. The Fishing is so good, you could eat fish every day you stay without worry.

The rugged landscape of the Canadian Shield provides clean, deep waters for these fish species to grow in abundance. With less than 700 annual visitors to the park, these fish respond to an angler’s bait without any apprehension. The fishing opportunities within the park are truly world class!

List of Lakes and Species of Fish In WCPP

The fish are waiting.


Beginning in late May, walleye appear in shallow water and are easily caught while trolling a line from your canoe. As the water warms, walleye move deeper and relate to mid lake structure such as shoals, humps and drop offs.

With the abundance of Walleye and their eagerness to bite, tackle can be kept simple. A selection of jigs in 1/4 – 3/8 oz., plastic twister tails and a mix of minnow imitating lures such as the Rapala Husky Jerk or Original Minnow are all you’ll need. Natural colours such as white and black will have you catching tasty walleye in no time.


Lake Trout—

While many chase after the park’s incredible walleye, Lake Trout opportunities will reward you with not only a great fight, but some of the tastiest fish in Ontario. With firm, orange flesh, there’s simply nothing better than a Laker cooked over an open fire.

As with walleye, Lakers will be up shallow waters during spring, making them easy targets. Troll with silver or gold spoons. As summer approaches, lake trout seek colder, oxygen-rich water, so switch to jigs in the 1/2 – 3/4 oz. sizes and heavy spoons.

Set your canoe up with the wind and drift across the lake…. you should catch a Laker before too long! Roughly 60% of the lakes within the park hold Lake Trout.


Northern Pike—

The pike in the park are voracious! Found in almost every lake, they are a great complement to walleye and lake trout and provide the opportunity for a true Canadian Trophy! Our guest routinely land pike in the 40″ / 20LB class.

Minnow baits and the jig/grub combination are effective on these water-wolves. Make sure to bring a few wire leaders and a good set of pliers with you when targeting these toothy critters.

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