Winter Backcountry Trips

There’s nothing like the Northern Lights on a clear winter night.

The winter sets a different scene for forest adventurers in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. There’s a crisp stillness to the forest, and with all the frozen lakes, there’s more room to play.

Strap on the snowshoes or skis and hit the silent trails and open spaces. The landscape becomes a canvas, woven with the tracks of the forest dwelling wildlife that call the area home.

Get close to nature like never before with a Prairie Boreal Forest winter adventure in Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Whether you’re looking for a back country camping adventure or interested in a stay at our amazing Olive Lake Eco Lodge, epic winter adventures begin here!

Step foot into the gorgeous boreal wonderland for winter activities Ontario.

Crack open the lake’s icy surface and fish for walleye, lake trout, and northern pike. Afterward, set up camp and enjoy the warm meal you earned.

And if you’re short on winter supplies, we rent everything you’ll need, from heated tents and toboggans to an assortment of ice fishing gear.

Adventure Awaits

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