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Custom Topographic Maps

We stock a complete selection of our custom topographic maps you’ll need for your trip. These government issued 1:50,000 topographic maps come in a 9 page waterproof set and include all campsites and portages digitally annotated onto each page. Our custom maps are the product of over 7 years of research and documentation and we’re proud to offer the only set of maps available with this information.

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1:50,000 Topo Map Sets
(Include all campsite and portage info)

Map Waterproof
52M/8 – Bigshell Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52M/7 – Sabourin Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52M/2 – Murdock Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52M/3 – Aikens Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52M/6 – Artery Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52M/1 – Pipestone Bay $23.95 Buy Map
52L/16 – Medicine Stone Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52L/15 – Rostoul Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52L/14 – Garner Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52L/10 – Dowswell Lake $23.95 Buy Map
52L/9 – Sydney Lake $23.95 Buy Map

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Map Options

Red Lake Outfitters carries a complete selection of the maps needed for a backcountry trip in WCPP. If you’re planning a trip for next summer, please drop us a line and request any of the maps below. We’ll mail yours out quickly so you can plan your adventure.

New series!

We now carry the Adventure Series Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Map. Complete with route guidelines, outpost locations, portage info and other information, it’s the perfect tool for your trip.

How To Order

If you’re visiting WCPP, we suggest ordering the official WCPP map ahead of time so you can study your routes and learn the park layout. To order either the WCPP map or any of our maps, please click here.

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