Woodland Caribou Provincial Park – Top 5 Reasons To Visit

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, at 1.2 million acres in size and set in the heart of Northern Ontario’s Boreal Forest, is arguably Ontario’s top wilderness paddling destination.  Continually held in high regard, the remoteness, solitude, fishing and wildlife opportunities of this incredible park set it apart from all others.  So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a look at the top 5 reasons this park should be on your radar for your next wilderness adventure!

Insane Wildlife Opportunities

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park

 –  A real Canadian wilderness adventure wouldn’t be complete without seeing some incredible wildlife.  Moose, Black Bears, Wolves, and of course forest dwelling Woodland Caribou all call this park home in abundance.

In fact, the park is home to the largest remaining population of Woodland Caribou in Ontario! Most interior paddlers report multiple sightings of large mammals daily!

Solitude & Remoteness – In a world of ever-increasing technology and hectic schedules, Woodland Caribou offers paddlers an experience of relaxation & isolation not found elsewhere in Ontario. With only 500 paddlers annually accessing the park’s interior and lying at 51 degrees latitude, the park is only accessible by float plane or old logging roads. The adventure truly begins with just getting into the park, assuring those that come to the ultimate wilderness adventure.

World Class Fishing –  With over 2000 lakes and the Bloodvein and Gammon River watersheds within its borders, fishing for Walleye, Lake Trout and Northern Pike is remarkable.  Anglers routinely travel from around the globe to fish these productive waters and fishing is a staple of most wilderness journeys here.

The Night’s Sky – Zero light pollution! That’s what you’ll find within the interior of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Stargazers, Northern Lights chasers and Milky Way aficionados’ will all be well served. Million dollar sunsets give way to a blanket of stars and for photographers chasing epic night shots, this is one destination that’s hard to beat.

Freedom – It’s rare in this world to be in complete control of every aspect of your day. But that’s what a wilderness trip into Woodland Caribou Provincial Park offers you. Without the “people” pressures experienced in other paddling destinations, you’re free to roam as you wish. We often use the term, “your trip, your way” and that’s exactly what traveling in Woodland Caribou is all about. Camp where you want, travel when you want, and explore where you want. It’s all up to you. Freedom of choice is what it’s all about up here!

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