Enchanted Wilderness: A Photographer's Dream

Scenic Landscapes and Beautiful Settings

Capture The Perfect Wilderness Moment

This 10-day photography trip is designed to strike the right balance between adventure and creative exploration. The route passes through a variety of features, from larger, island-dotted lakes, to tumbling cascades and streams, to quiet backwater marshes and meanders where subtle beauty abounds.

Changing light plays with patterns and hues, line and texture, offering the landscape photographer a compositional palette limited only by the imagination and creativity of the artist. From the forest's delicate detail, to the sweeping grandeur that is dawn over a northern lake, this is a land of variety and contrast.

The mindful, silent observer should be prepared, should they happen on a lumbering moose, or perhaps the park's namesake, the elusive Woodland Caribou. Eagles are common in this region, as are black bears, wolves, and the ever-industrious beaver. To capture any of these great symbols of the north through the lens is a highlight of any trip.

Travelled at a modern pace, this package offers both flexibility and solitude.

Trip Details

  • Logistics: Fly in/out
  • Distance: 88 km
  • Physical Rating: Moderate
  • Camping Style: Backcountry / tent
  • Accommodations: First & last night hotel in Red Lake, Ont.
  • Highlights: Solitude, varying landscapes, First Nations pictographs, wildlife.
  • Duration: 10 Days
  • Group Size: 2 to 9 people
Your Route:

Artery, Mary's, Barclay, Lawrence, Simeon, South Simeon, Dunstan, Wanda, Royd, Constellation, Lighting, North Prairie, Indian House.

What's Included:

This package features our Complete Outfitting package. Included is an in-depth route consultation and trip plan, all camping equipment, ultra-light kevlar canoes, safety equipment, all meals, satellite phone, park permits, round-trip float plane service, maps, first and last night hotel, and pre/post trip dinner.

10 Day Trip



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