In Search Of Wolves

Track The Boreal's Most Elusive Predator

Can you hear them howling?

A symbol of true wilderness, wolves are a key component to the boreal ecosystem of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Numbering in the hundreds, this route offers the paddler an opportunity to get up close to the wild packs as they travel their territory in search of food.

As you explore the lush forests and lakes of the park's eastern boundary, you'll quickly realize you're not alone. Wolf tracks are seen on virtually every portage along the way and are often spotted along the shoreline of this short 5-day route.

It won't be just wolves you spot either. Moose, caribou, black bear, lynx, bald eagles, owls, and beavers are all on display as you travel the clay cap of the Gammon River watershed.

For those looking for a quick trip that offers incredible opportunities for wildlife viewing, straightforward portages, excellent fishing, and incredible campsites, this package is for you!

Trip Details

  • Logistics: shuttle in/out
  • Distance: 68 km
  • Physical Rating: Beginner/Moderate
  • Camping Style: Backcountry / tent
  • Accommodations: First & last night hotel in Red Lake, Ont.
  • Highlights: Wildlife, excellent fishing, relaxing pace, easy portages.
  • Duration: 5 Days
  • Group Size: 2 to 9 people
Your Route:

Leano, Killburn, Middle Killburn, Upper Killburn, Paull, Burntrock, Mexican Hat, Glenn, Optic, Telescope, Onnie, Johnson

What's Included:

This package features our Complete Outfitting package. Complete route consultation and trip plan, all camping equipment, ultra-light kevlar canoes, all meals, satellite phone, park permits, all shuttles to park access point, maps, first and last night hotel, pre/post trip dinner.

5 Day Trip



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