Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Access Points – Fly In Or Drive In?

Want to find out the best Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Access Points? We have the answers.

Arguably the one question we’re asked more than all others is whether you have to fly-in to do a successful Woodland Caribou Provincial Park trip. Truth is, it really all depends on what you’re looking for and how long you plan on being away. Do you need to fly? Absolutely not! There are dozens of trip options that begin and end with a ground or water shuttle that will have you experiencing everything the park offers. You’ll likely see the same Caribou, Moose, Wolves and Black bears. You’ll likely catch the same Walleye, Pike and Lake Trout, view the same landscape and stand under the same Northern Lights.

Are there advantages to doing a fly in trip?   For sure. There’s no better way to get quick access to some of the most remote wilderness Ontario has to offer.   It allows you to forego working through ground access points where the potential to run into other paddlers exists, and instead virtually guarantees a trip of solitude.

What’s important is that both options will give you access to a strikingly remarkable wilderness destination that’ll create memories to be cherished for years. So which option should you be looking at for your Woodland Caribou Provincial Park adventure? Let’s take a look at both and see which one is best suited to your style and needs.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Access Points

Float Plane Trips

For those looking for the ultimate in adventure, coupled with quick access to virtually any lake in the park, flying in is the way to go. Aside from that, there are several practical reasons that paddlers choose this approach for entering Woodland Caribou.

Schedule – For many, trip durations are getting shorter and shorter. We’d all love to spend 2+ weeks in the Boreal Forest, but that’s just not practical all the time. For those that want to visit but have only 4-7 days to do the trip, flying in offers quick access so you can focus your efforts on the trip, the route and the experience. Virtually all flights into the park last between 25 – 50 min, allowing for quick immersion into the wilderness.

Solitude – Ever wanted a piece of the Canadian Wilderness all to yourself? Well gaining access to Woodland Caribou Provincial Park via float plane virtually guarantees this experience! Say goodbye to popular access points and parking lots and say hello to your own private lake. For those that want the absolute in solitude from the beginning of their adventure, a flight into any one of over a hundred lakes will allow you to bypass any chance of seeing other paddlers near popular access lakes.

Basecamp Trips – Increasingly, we are seeing groups that would rather set up a base on a lake deep within the park rather than a travel style of trip. For them, it’s important to find a location that’s isolated and away from the popular travel routes the park offers. Equally important is the need for nearby lakes, usually offering excellent fishing, pictograph and wildlife viewing and incredible scenery. For base campers, flying in allows them to bring in a few more creature comforts as they won’t be needing to setup or takedown camp each day.

Fishing Focused Trips – For fisherman that simply want the best fishing the park offers, getting away from access lakes that may see more fishing pressure is a sure fire way to ensure a successful adventure. Several of the park’s top fishing lakes are well away from common canoe routes making float plane access the most logical choice.

Canadian Adventure At It’s Best – OK, it’s just so cool flying into the remote Canadian Wilderness in a floatplane. After all, these are the planes that literally “opened up” the north and made a lot of the adventure travel we all read about today possible. There is nothing quite like the rumble of these “old” planes and something about it just gets your blood flowing!

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Ground / Water Shuttle Trips:

For those paddlers wanting access to remote wilderness, but willing to work a little harder to find it, or for those on a budget, a ground or water access trip is the perfect solution.

Woodland Caribou Provincial Park Access PointsFlexible Schedule & Longer Trips – Most paddlers looking for a 7-14 day trip (or longer), would be well served with a ground or water shuttle entry to the park. Once you’re a day or two past an access point, the true wilderness of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park reveals itself. Gone are the busy campsites and potential for seeing multiple groups, replaced instead with the remote Ontario wilderness.

Budget – Shuttling into an access point will be less expensive than flying in. For those looking to do a trip to this incredible wilderness, while still saving a few bucks, using a ground access is the way to go. On the average, shuttles will be about half the cost of flying.

Large Groups – Whether Scout or Church groups or just a large party of friends or family, it may be more practical to use a ground or water entry for larger groups. A group of 10 or more is easily handled in a ground entry by utilizing our buses and trucks. The entire group is able to transport the access together. This may not be the case if you chose a fly in option. Depending on the group size, it may take 2, 3 or even 4 flights to get everyone, the gear, and the canoes together. For many, this would not be a practical approach.

Long Weekend Trips – More and more were seeing groups wanting access to the park for quick 3 day getaways. With such a compressed schedule, paddlers mainly focus on getting 1 or 2 lakes away from the access and then base camping. Such short stays aren’t practical for a fly in / fly out experience from a budget perspective, but taking an early morning shuttle in and a late afternoon shuttle out has proved popular.

There are pros and cons for both fly in and shuttle in options. Both offer excellent opportunities to access one of the crown jewels of the Ontario Park’s system and both provide once in a lifetime experiences for all who enter. Choosing which access option is best for you ultimately rests in what you want out of the trip, and the budget available. Whichever option you choose, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park will not disappoint.

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