Woodland Caribou Provincial Park – This Is Going To Be Epic! Joe Robinet



As we long to go back in time to a simpler world, we’re continually faced with less and less freedoms of choice, with regulations and restrictions.  What if you had the opportunity to visit a wilderness destination where your choices still ruled?  What if you could travel freely, at your own pace without worry of seeing other people or dealing with the “people pressures” that come with most paddling destinations?  What if I told you this place existed in the northwest corner of Ontario….well then you’d discover Woodland Caribou Provincial Park!

With only 500 paddlers annually accessing over 1.2 million acres of prime wilderness, Woodland Caribou Provincial Park offers you likely the best opportunity in Canada to explore thousands of lakes, catch and eat the freshest fish and view large wildlife such as Woodland Caribou, Moose, Wolves and Black Bears.

“Trip of a lifetime”


Joe Robinet ventured north last summer in search of the ultimate wilderness destination.  What he found was a land void of people, but rich in adventure, fish and solitude.  For those that haven’t yet checked out Joe’s incredible trip into the heart of Woodland Caribou Provincial Park, grab some popcorn and enjoy some remote wilderness action as he navigates this wild land!

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